Mix Radio used to be the music streaming app for Nokia phones. Then Microsoft took them on and the service really started to make waves. When the LINE group bought the service in 2015 everything changed again – with the App moving onto iOS and Android and a huge audience were drawn into the Mix Radio world.

Halo were appointed to re-design the user interface to help users explore and discover the music mixes they love with ease. It was a challenge. It was a pleasure.


Multiple designs were created for live user testing, offering typographic, photographic and mixed media options. Based on click thus and usage we were able to build a clear picture of preference and started the huge task of creating a raft of visual icons for role out across the App.

It’s a project that’s pushed and excited the Halo studio in equal measure, with the time pressure of a global role out – but the creative mindset of Mix Radio meant that client and agency we’re always fully aligned to deliver some striking results.

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