National Museum of the Royal Navy

The National Museum of The Royal Navy exists to promote the traditions and public understanding of the Royal Navy. Our work is simple, it’s about telling the stories from the sea for the generations on the shore.


The National Museum of The Royal Navy is Europe’s largest curator of naval military artifacts, from warships to whistles, sails to stories the NMRN is the world’s most respected Naval Museum underpinned by the spirit of enterprise and adventure.

Initially appointed to build an expansive online museum experience, Halo has been the lead agency for the NMRN since 2012. During this time we’ve developed multiple online platforms, created a cohesive brand identity for each museum and attraction in the group and delivered a much-lauded integrated advertising campaign for The Fleet Air Arm, the leading Naval Aircraft museum in Europe.

Our work has been extensive, both from a brand strategy and implementation perspective, breathing life into all communications across traditional and social media channels.

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