Stephen Merchant

Branding, content strategy & a killer online presence that connects with a global audience of avid fans – and all for one of the sharpest comedians & writers in the business.

Stephen Merchant

We’re big fans of Stephen Merchant (alongside legions of followers around the world) so being asked to craft his online presence was a great opportunity. It’s not a challenge that you undertake lightly because if you put a foot wrong, fans around the globe will take issue & un-bottle the vitriol.

Stephen was clear; he wanted simplicity & character with an authentic lo-fi feel - with the stylish black & white photography & handcrafted text that’s exactly what we gave him. The new site does more than simply ‘sell’ Stephen Merchant, importantly it gives us a much broader view of the man, the comedian, performer & accomplished writer.

He also looks way cool. As it should be.

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