Reinstating the 'classic' in a classic brand.

Reinstating the 'classic' in a classic brand.

Budweiser Budvar

Work: Brand / Packaging / Promotion

Budweiser Budvar is the jewel in the crown of the Czech Republic, revered as one of the finest lagers globally with a true artisanal story and unique national heritage. Halo were appointed to create a limited edition Budvar brand for the UK market as a platform to drive awareness and build volume sales across the on and off trade.

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It's quite a big decision to put your brand and business in someone else's hands. Even more so if you are a brand with over 100 years heritage like ours and a particular DNA that some agencies just don’t ‘get’.

With a great understanding of FMCG, authenticity and the target millennial consumer Halo created and helped us deploy a full brand re-design in the UK across all visual elements, activation, POSM and packaging. 

It's reinvigorated the perception of the brand in the market and has absolutely repaid the trust that we had in Halo from a commercial perspective 100 times over.
Josh Nesfield, UK Brand Manager

Budvar Regular

Hand crafted fonts and typography, illustration & signage – every touchpoint was considered, delivering the artisanal notes across the brand throughout every consumer interaction.

Making Czech history in the UK

Complete UK Ltd. Edition Brand

All Budvar assets & collateral

National Off-Trade listings

330ml cans in Tesco

13% YOY Increase

Off-Trade Sales

National Tank Beer Promotion

Specialist On-Trade Partnerships

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