Butcombe Brewing Co.

Strategy / Narrative / Identity / Packaging

Butcombe Brewing Co.; a household name from the South West and heritage brand of beer drinkers everywhere. Fighting for share in a crowded, continuously shifting market, Halo were the chosen partner for the brand’s reinvention. We shaped a new strategic brand narrative, defining and creating opportunities for category growth, forged a complete revolution of visual identity and design for the traditional ale portfolio and created an entire brand architecture for a specialist, limited edition craft beer range. The resulting work won critical acclaim, and a World Beer Medal for brand design.

18% increase in off-trade sales 24% increase in on-trade sales World Beer Medal for Design

Premium Range

The complete reinvention of the Premium Range - from positioning to design execution has been influential to business performance. Butcombe’s on-trade sales have grown steadily in both volume and margin, and the brewery has achieved significant listings nationally in retailers Tesco, Sainsbury’s & Morrisons.

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Pedro Oyabide

Pedro was the natural choice for this project. A unique talent, his work is the perfect balance of bold ideas, sensitively rendered and realised for mass production without loss of vision or artistic value. Working closely with the Halo studio, whatever ideas we threw at Pedro, he was up for the challenge. A T Rex on fire? No problem.

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‘Creating a craft range to celebrate all the things we missed whilst making Butcombe Original’

The shift in the consumer pallete towards punchier, heavy hopped IPA’s & mature Bocks has created space in the category for Butcombe’s seasonal, special edition brews. Each one is limited batch with a unique name & design created in honour of a landmark event or personality from 1978 - the year of the Brewery’s birth. The ‘78 Range has achieved significant retail listings & on-trade support, realised for mass production without loss of vision or artistic value.

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The secret of the universe beer

In 1978, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy revealed the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything as the number 42. To celebrate Deep Thought’s deepest thought, we’ve created a beer that’s *ahem*, out of this world.

A beer for the people

They called the winter of ‘78 ‘the winter of discontent’. Widespread strikes across the public sector brought the country to a standstill as workers fought for their rights. To mark this tumultuous period of British history, we’ve created a beer for the people.

The game changing beer

1978 saw the release of Space Invaders, the arcade game that changed the world with its iconic game play and design. Today, it remains a totem for a generation, taking us back to a simpler time, where saving the universe came in 8-bit and a handful of small change could last you the night. To celebrate this game changer, we’ve created a beer that’s a classic in its own right.

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