The technology of control.


Brand strategy / design / experience / trans-media campaigns

Crestron are a multi-billion dollar global tech brand specialising in built environment automation for the corporate, residential and marine markets. As their integrated global brand agency we worked extensively on proposition, NPD, brand imposition across all verticals and digital presence + integrated advertising campaigns for both brand and product (across the US and EMEA markets).

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What started as proposition development for the EMEA quickly grew to a new way to approach our global brand positioning, digital, experience, advertising strategy. Halo were instrumental in directing our brand architecture, design, marketing and growth in new consumer markets and territories.
Tim Hymans, Brand Director

Straight to consumer

Traditionally B2B, working in the corporate spaces of some of the largest corporate and hospitality brands around the world – Crestron were in a position to go straight to the consumer, working with Amazon and Sonos on voice activated connected home technology. Our North American campaigns make the tech make sense.

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15% increase

Direct to consumer contact in first 6 months from launch


Global trans-media strategy

Bringing Alexa and Crestron together for an experience that moves home automation into everyday living.

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Crestron and Sonos, bringing the tunes you love to any room in the house at the touch of a button. Because if you love music, you need to set it free.

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Product Collateral

Complex technology comes with complex content. For every product there is a product suite, spec, installation and user manual. We created the constructs for every item across print and digital, simplifying the layout and content delivery. Our graphics went back to basics. Simple line work to tell complicated stories.

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