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As agency of record for design, Halo create the visual experience for Deezer, the music streaming challenger brand with over 14million subscribers.
From special edition artist collections to high impact graphics for every kind of music, mood and curated playlist, we strive to create the most compelling app experience – whatever you’re into.

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Halo, from the very beginning, have understood how to create a meaningful visual language for Deezer. They have supported us in driving significant increases in subscribers, interactions and usage. They have proven to be a committed partner and creative force for good time and time again.
Chris Baughen

Endless sounds, endless visuals

It’s not just about creating compelling UX design, it’s about expressive cover art that is individual but still offers a cohesive brand experience. It’s about balance.

Halo - Deezer Fitbit Gym Mix
Halo - Deezer House and Techno
Halo - Deezer Só Toca Top Funk Hits
Halo - Deezer Apéro
Halo - Deezer 100% Luan Santana
Halo - Deezer Electropolis
Halo - Deezer Rap Bangers
Halo - DeezerLes Titres Du Moment
Halo - Deezer La Fraîchlist
Halo - Deezer Heavy New Rock
Halo - Deezer New Alternative
Halo - Deezer Canción a Canción


Artist collection

Working with the German metal legends to create a unique suite of cover art reflecting their personally curated collections. We kept it simple. Great photography and original font engineering to create the authentic Rammstein aesthetic.

Halo - Deezer Rammstein
Halo - Deezer Rammstein 2000s Metal

streams for the catalogue

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