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Hai came to us with an idea. A team of 3 pilots with lofty ambitions. Their company was going to be the most exclusive broker of private aircraft for high net worth individuals and multi-national businesses in the world. They had the professional credentials, the contacts and the relationships; they needed a name, a proposition and an approach to reach a select few with a brand that would resonate and assure.

Hai Air is the result of 6 months of research and strategy, design and development. A brand perfectly positioned for its audience, a distinctive offering encapsulated by a sharply refined and luxurious creative expression.

Won the Dyson contract for air fleet (global) Exclusive partner contract with Royal Ascot Year 1 net profit of over £3million

A luxurious design

Expansive, epic photography – a pilots-eye-view of the sky above and the world below combined with clean, spacious typography. Limited copy, a quiet brand that’s as thoughtful as it is refined.

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High spec digital

Shopping for a private jet or helicopter is – believe it or not – the same as buying a car. Only much much harder. The choice is huge, but the availability is limited, and most people’s expertise is low to say the least. The Hai website offers layers of information, and a wealth of knowledge designed to help buyers understand their options.

But of course, when the price tag starts at hundreds of thousands - and continues up – it’s those personal relationships, built on trust, that close the sale.

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