A blockbuster cider brand.

Mallets Cider

Brand Narrative / Strategy / Campaign / Digital

Mallets is a challenger brand from the historic Showering’s cider mill in the heart of Somerset. Halo were appointed to create a disruptive trans-media campaign to take the fight to the mainstream and carve out market share in a category fiercely dominated by big name brewers.

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Planning to be different

The strategy and creative execution is knowingly derived from superheroes, myths and fantasy, the character of Shepton, god of cider, has become a beacon for the brand; an engaging frontman putting some fun back into the category and bringing some much needed originality in a market awash with generic positioning based on either festivals or artisanal craft. Mallets takes a resolutely braver approach.

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The art of Shepton

Hyper-real creative demands a command of digital painting. The Halo art team developed and executed all the post-production inhouse, staying intimately aligned with the production and design process every step of the way.

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Sales Increase
For first 6 weeks of campaign


Campaign Recall
In effectiveness tracker survey

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National Off-Trade listings

Significant national presence in Tesco & Booker

Official Cider of Glastonbury Festival

4 year exclusive deal

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Instagram stories

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In a space where every cider brand wants to 'own' festivals, usually by showing actors dancing in a field at sunset, Halo have created a crazy, over-the-top cider god and we find ourselves headlining every bar at the greatest music event in the world; Glastonbury Festival.
Emmy Webster, Senior Marketing Manager
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