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Strategy / Narrative / Identity / Packaging

Redefining the strategic and creative vision for the Energy and Mobile Ombudsman gave us an unparalleled insight into consumer detriment for the biggest global brands. Our work crossed both sides of the divide, shaping a brand designed to engage with - and support - consumers as they navigate the seemingly complex complaints procedure; and the energy and mobile providers themselves with an account focused, tailored service.

With extensive research in both B2C and B2B markets, deep stakeholder engagement within the Ombudsman and partner businesses, our work has drawn together customer experience, strategic use of AI and business operations alongside creative execution and realisation.

Defined B2B and B2C strategy Full redesign and realisation + TOV strategy across all business units Refined digital first customer experience

Illustrations for that human touch

We wanted flexibility and creativity to sit at the heart of the visual strategy. Illustrations, created by the Halo studio, enliven all content, from printed corporate collateral to where they really come to life, throughout the entire digital experience.

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A digital first CX

We were honoured to work with our friends at Manchester’s premier league digital agency Code to bring the brand to life on the site. Combining our extensive brand and CX insight with their bulletproof UX research, together we’ve created an experience that makes the complaints procedure simple, easy and supportive.

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