The Ramona Flowers

Strategy / Identity / Design

A major signing for the Distiller Records label, The Romana Flowers blend electronica and layered instrumentation to create glacial pop music. The sweeping epicness of U2 twinned with the quiet artistry of Warp records.

For their new album and singles we were asked to reinvent the bands look, to mirror the punk edge and disco glitz of the sound. But branding an artist isn’t like working with a brand. The music biz is fast moving but the consumption is personal. The broadcast is intimate and idiosyncratic. Any design strategy must start with the people behind the sonics, using aesthetics to express a human connection with fans across the world.

We created a new logo type and distinctive graphic style, mixing media and print effects for delicious vinyl and impactful streaming covers. The result perfectly bridges the gap between analogue and digital.

A personal brand in the truest sense.

Visual identity and art direction for all physical and digital releases Executed same day launch across all global territories Expansive style guide and asset kit for global marketing teams Digital architecture for promotion across social platforms

Many looks. One distinctive style

The mixed media, ‘punk ethos’ attack teamed with bold colour stabs creates a vibrant design that stands out in Tower Records Tokyo or scrolling Spotify new releases. The attention to detail in the type helps to pull everything together in a well-balanced visual celebration of the ‘crystal pop music’ the band is famous for.

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