Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is the No.1 Caribbean themed restaurant chain in the UK. You’ll find their distinctive dose of sunshine on highstreets across the country, famed for their rum cocktails, delicious jerk and of course, their renowned goat curry.

Our job was simple: renew and refine the brand, developing in line with the business strategy and look for growth by attracting new audiences whilst retaining and delighting the current Turtle Bay guest.

The new strategic proposition and direct messaging underlined the authentic approach to Caribbean food and culture, with a focus on delivering a frictionless digital experience (made even more vital by the Covid pandemic and the pressures experienced by the hospitality industry).

The new website outperformed all expectations from launch and continues to drive the business in all areas of the country. The new design execution spanned all platforms, from social to in store, advertising to experiential, creating a refreshing and authentic visual experience to compliment a brand famed for spreading only good vibes.

Expressing the Caribbean good vibes

We found inspiration in ‘make-do’ Caribbean beach shack culture. Raw designs, eclectic hand drawn typography, bold splashes of vivid pastels. Success means being able to let go and play – taking a casual approach with a serious eye for detail - that makes every design feel like it’s rolled out straight from the beach.

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Energising the digital experience

Extensive audience research and testing gave us a UX packed full of - and driven by - insights that led to a seamless and effortless digital journey. Teamed with the bright and joyful design, the site is a true reflection of the Turtle Bay brand and restaurant experience.

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Attracting the right crowd

It’s never just about the customer. The best brand experiences are delivered by the right people. Recruiting is one of the most important areas of focus for the brand and we developed a number of strategies and tactics to help make sure that Turtle Bay consistently finds its soul (food) mates.

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